How much is my council tax?


The amount of council tax you are expected to pay annually will vary depending on your area and the band in which your local authority has placed your property. Each property has its own value and that value has a corresponding band. Whether you pay your council tax annually or over the course of the year in instalments, the value of your council tax will be determined by the overall value of your property.

To find out how much your council tax is you could contact your local authority or you could use our online council tax calculator which will give you all the information you need. From bands A through to H, our calculator lets you work out how much your council tax will cost in the next year or how much it would cost if you purchased a new home. 

It is worth noting also that council tax varies by region. For example, in England there are bands A through H and in Wales this is A through I. Depending on the area in which your home (or prospective home) is situated and personal factors, the value of the council tax may change.
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