How to pay council tax?


Your council tax is payable annually and the amount you can calculate for yourself what you need to pay using our online council tax calculator. As the homeowner or tenant living in a particular property, it is your job to ensure that the council tax is paid to the local authority either once a year in a lump sum or monthly in instalments. This can be done in a variety of different ways.

You can pay your council tax monthly by:
  • Direct debit
  • Standing order
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cash
  • At the payments counter of your local council offices
  • Using the automated telephone service
  • Council Tax ATM at your local council office

  • Paying by direct debit, your council tax will be taken monthly by instalments on or around a specific date. This date is subject to change however in light of holidays and/or changes with your local authority. 

    If you are using a standing order the money can only be taken from your account on a set day. If the date in question falls on a weekend or public holiday, then the monies are sent by standing order AFTER the date rather than before which can be the case with direct debit.

    Obviously all local authorities will now accept payment by credit or debit card if you call or visit your local office. You should be aware however that paying by this method means that your council tax account may not be updated immediately. 

    Cash payments can be made at your local council office using the payments counter or the council tax ATM. Where the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) differs from bank machines is that it will only accept monies in and will provide you with a receipt. Again, paying your council tax this way involves a delay on your account while the payments are processed. 

    You can pay your council tax by telephone now also. Your local council will have a dedicated telephone number to call and you can enter your payment details and account details by telephone and the money is deducted from your card. 

    You can find more information on how much you need to pay annually by using our online council tax calculator here. You will also find information on the band of your property based on its value here and then you can online repay council tax easily.

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