How much is Band A Council Tax in Wales?


While some may find it unfair that not all councils apply the same calculations to their council tax, some regions pay varying amounts. We have already listed how much the average homeowner pays for a BAND A property in England but in Wales the amount is different. 

For a BAND A property in Wales, the amount of council tax to be collected during this financial period would be on £857.47. That’s a difference of £259.53. The main reasoning behind this difference in the council tax amount due is that of house pricing. 

While the same amenities and public service may be offered in Wales as in England, the respective local authorities charge a different council tax levy annually because of the fluctuations in house prices. 

If you are unsure as to how much council tax you should be paying, why not search out your own by entering your postcode here. You will find a list of the council tax bands from A through to H in England and A through to I in Wales. 

Should you feel you are entitled to a refund because your home or property has been incorrectly banded, then use our refund calculator which can be found here
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