How much is council tax band A?


You’ve landed on this page of the site because you want to know what the current rate of council tax is for a band A property. Depending on where you are in the United Kingdom, and given your circumstances, the rate of council tax may vary. While it may be universally accepted that BAND A council tax is a set amount, this is subject to change once you take other factors into account.

Calculating the rate of council tax sounds as though it should be a simple affair. While we don’t wish to make it sound overtly complicated here at, there are some instances when the amount one would expect to pay might vary from the norm.

Let’s take the current flat rate council tax rate in the United Kingdom for BAND A. In this current financial year, most local authorities are charging the sum of £1,117 for a property in BAND A. This would be considered to be the flat rate if you were working and paying the full amount without any exemptions or discounts. 
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