The table below shows the 2024/25 council tax bands costs for properties in Plymouth in the different council tax bands or you can use online council tax Calculator and check yourself:

Plymouth Council Tax Band Monthly Council Tax Charge Annual Council Tax Rate
BAND A £123.05 £1,476.58
BAND B £143.56 £1,722.68
BAND C £164.06 £1,968.77
BAND D £184.57 £2,214.87
BAND E £225.59 £2,707.06
BAND F £266.61 £3,199.26
BAND G £307.62 £3,691.45
BAND H £369.15 £4,429.74

Plymouth Council Tax Refund Calculator

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Plymouth Council is a local government authority in the UK that provides services to the residents of Plymouth and the surrounding areas. The council's website,, contains a Plymouth Council tax refund calculator that allows you to easily calculate how much money the council will pay you back in the event that your property is rebanded to a lower council tax band.

Plymouth is an historic port city located in the South West of England. It is well-known for its maritime history and its association with the Pilgrim Fathers who left the city on the Mayflower in 1620. It is also home to the Royal Navy's Devonport Naval Base and the Royal Citadel. The city also has a vibrant cultural scene, with several museums, galleries, theatres and music venues.

Places to visit in the Plymouth area include the National Marine Aquarium, the Barbican waterfront and the Royal William Yard. The National Marine Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the UK and is home to thousands of marine species. The Barbican waterfront is a popular spot for visitors to take in the city's stunning views and enjoy a variety of restaurants and pubs. The Royal William Yard is a historic dockyard and is now home to a range of shops, bars and restaurants.

Plymouth Council is responsible for a wide range of services and projects, including housing, transport, education and social care. The council also provides funding for community projects and initiatives. Council tax payments are used to fund these services and projects, as well as to pay for the salaries of council employees and the running of the council.

In recent years, Plymouth Council has come under criticism for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as for a lack of transparency and accountability. However, many people in the area have praised the council for its efforts to help local businesses and residents during the pandemic.

There are several ways to reduce Plymouth Council tax payments, such as applying for discounts, exemptions and reliefs, or challenging your council tax banding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I calculate my Plymouth Council tax refund?

A: You can use the Plymouth Council tax refund calculator on to calculate your refund.

Q: What services does Plymouth Council provide?

A: Plymouth Council provides a wide range of services, including housing, transport, education and social care.

Q: How is Plymouth Council funded?

A: Plymouth Council is funded by council tax payments, as well as grants and other sources of income.

Q: What discounts, exemptions and reliefs are available for Plymouth Council tax?

A: There are a number of discounts, exemptions and reliefs available for Plymouth Council tax, including those for single occupancy, students and disabled people.

Q: What other councils are adjacent to Plymouth?

A: Plymouth Council is adjacent to Torbay Council, Teignbridge Council and South Hams Council. Torbay Council covers the towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, Teignbridge Council covers the towns of Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Dawlish, and South Hams Council covers the towns of Kingsbridge, Salcombe and Dartmouth.

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