The table below shows the 2023/24 council tax bands costs for properties in Islington in the different council tax bands or you can use online council tax Calculator and check yourself:

Islington Council Tax Band Monthly Council Tax Charge Annual Council Tax Rate
BAND A £100.81 £1,209.77
BAND B £117.62 £1,411.40
BAND C £134.42 £1,613.03
BAND D £151.22 £1,814.66
BAND E £184.83 £2,217.92
BAND F £218.43 £2,621.18
BAND G £252.04 £3,024.43
BAND H £302.44 £3,629.32

Islington Council Tax Refund Calculator

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Islington Council is a local authority in the London Borough of Islington, UK and is responsible for the collection of council tax payments from residents in the area. Residents of the Islington area can use the Islington Council Tax refund calculator on to find out how much money they may be able to get back from the council if their property is rebanded to a lower council tax band.

Interesting facts about Islington, UK: Islington is an inner-city district of London, located in the north of the city. It is best known for its vibrant nightlife, with a wide range of bars, restaurants and shops. It is also home to several famous music venues, including the Union Chapel and the O2 Academy Islington.

Places to visit in the Islington area of the UK include:

- Angel Central Shopping Centre: a modern shopping centre with a variety of high street stores, restaurants and cafes.

- Highbury Fields: a large public park in the heart of Islington. It is a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

- Islington Museum: a museum dedicated to the history of Islington and its people, with a variety of exhibitions and events.

- Camden Passage: an antiques market, with a variety of shops selling vintage and antique items.

- The Union Chapel: a Grade I listed building and music venue, known for its impressive architecture and acoustics.

Islington is well-known for its links to a number of famous people, including the poet John Keats, the playwright Harold Pinter and the artist William Morris. It is also home to the world-famous Sadler's Wells Theatre, which is the oldest continuously operating theatre in London.

Recent topical news of interest to residents of the Islington area includes the opening of the new Islington Square development, which will include a range of shops, cafes, restaurants and a cinema.

Islington Council is responsible for providing a range of services to residents in the area, including waste collection, street cleaning, parks and leisure facilities. The council also provides support for vulnerable people, including those in need of housing and social care. Council tax payments are used to fund these services, along with other projects and developments in the area.

Islington Council has been criticised for its failure to tackle the problem of air pollution in the area, as well as its slow progress in building new homes. However, the council has been praised for its commitment to tackling poverty and providing support for vulnerable people.

There are a number of ways that Islington Council tax payments can be reduced, including applying for a council tax reduction or a discount, or claiming a disability reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I find out my Islington Council tax band?
A: You can find out your council tax band by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website.

Q: How do I apply for a council tax reduction?
A: You can apply for a council tax reduction by visiting the Islington Council website.

Q: What other services does Islington Council provide?
A: Islington Council provides a range of services, including waste collection, street cleaning, parks and leisure facilities, and support for vulnerable people.

Q: How is Islington Council funded?
A: Islington Council is funded by council tax payments, along with other sources of income.

Q: How can I pay my Islington Council tax?
A: You can pay your Islington Council tax online, by phone or by post.

Adjacent to Islington Council are Hackney Council, Camden Council and Haringey Council. Hackney Council is in the London Borough of Hackney, and is known for its vibrant nightlife, with a range of bars, restaurants and shops. Camden Council is in the London Borough of Camden and is home to a number of famous attractions, including Camden Market and the British Museum. Haringey Council is in the London Borough of Haringey, and is known for its green spaces, including Alexandra Palace Park and Finsbury Park.

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