2018/19 Bromley Council Tax Charges


The table below shows the 2018/19 council tax costs for properties in Bromley in the different council tax bands:

Bromley Council Tax Band Monthly Council Tax Charge Annual Council Tax Rate
BAND A £80.67 £968.00
BAND B £94.17 £1,130.00
BAND C £107.58 £1,291.00
BAND D £121.08 £1,453.00
BAND E £148.00 £1,776.00
BAND F £174.83 £2,098.00
BAND G £201.75 £2,421.00
BAND H £242.08 £2,905.00

Bromley Council Tax Refund Calculator

Set when you moved into this property in Bromley to see how much money you would get if your house was rebanded. Current council tax band of your property:

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